Anaerobic Digestion

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Anaerobic digestion technology converts organic waste into base-load power. With thousands of systems oper-ating in Europe and only a few hundred in the US, the AD industry in this country is poised for significant growth.


CS2 Renewable Energy has developed expertise in this emerging renewable
technology and works with farmers,
developers,and financers to identify 
and create successful AD projects. 


Solar Photovoltaic

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With cost-per-kilowatt at a fraction of what it was only a few years ago, solar PV technology is a growth market, especially in states with solar carve-outs in their renewable portfolio standards.


CS2 Renewable Energy works with developers of commercial and utility scale solar PV systems to identify,
qualify, develop, and finance
successful projects. 



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Wind energy is the largest source of renewable electricity in the US, accounting for approximately 2.5% of US electricity generation in 2011. Despite a slight down-turn in new construction due to the current economic environment, a 20% wind by 2030 scenario has been envisioned by the US Department of Energy, and the distributed generation market shows
considerable potential as well.
CS2 Renewable Energy provides site
assessment services for distributed
wind applications and works with
developers to evaluate and market
potential projects.