Jonathan Nieuwsma

Prior to entering the renewable energy business, Jonathan was in the industrial manufacturing field for over 15 years. A large portion of that time was overseas, where he did product development, supply chain management, and manufacturing operation startups in Eastern Europe and Asia. Building on this technical background, Jonathan moved into marketing with a European manufacturing firm and lived in Germany for several years, which is where he first encountered utility scale wind turbines and widespread use of solar PV. Jonathan returned to Chicago and established a successful consulting business, helping European and American clients to establish supply chain and manufacturing operations
in Asia. 


Jonathan then shifted focus to the renewable energy industry, merging his engineering experience with his environmental passion. Jonathan serves as president of Citizens’ Greener Evanston, a local non-profit which was instrumental in implementing community choice aggregation with 100% renewable energy. 


Jonathan holds a BS degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Illinois with additional education in lean manufacturing, finance, and renewable energy.

Tim Oien

Tim entered the renewable energy field after a successful career in creative design. Early in his career Tim was a set designer for well-known theaters across the country and was part of a Tony award winning design team on Broadway. 


Tim was a founding partner of Scenic View, Inc., where he spent 18 year as VP of Marketing and Creativity and built the organization into a nationally recognized, multi-million dollar design, fabrication, and installation company. Scenic View’s clients included the entertainment industry (theme parks, theaters, casinos), education (museums, zoos, libraries), commercial (themed retail spaces, corporate events) and the military (training simulator environments). 


Following his passion into the renewable energy field, and after several years of work-shops, networking, and conferences, Tim formed Creative Solar Structures which built on his previous work and combined renewable energy with unique themed environments. With the addition of solar, wind energy and anaerobic digestion to the portfolio and em-phasis on energy production, Creative Solar Structures evolved into CS2 Renewable Energy. 


Tim holds an Associate of Arts degree from Paris College, a BS degree from the University of Houston and an MFA with honors from Illinois State University.